Power Factor Correction

A cleaner supply

A PFC unit will shape an input current in order to maximise the real power from an AC supply. In an ideal system, all the power drawn from the AC mains is utilised in doing useful work. This is only possible when the current is in phase with the voltage. When the phase between the two varies, some of the energy from the AC outlet does not perform useful work and is lost.

The electricity provider must therefore produce more power to meet the demand for both the useful power and the one that is lost. This means higher consumer costs in generation, transmission, distribution and control. We can quickly assess if a PFC unit will be beneficial to your business by firstly looking at your utility bill. If further assessment is required, we will place monitoring equipment onto your supply.

The main benefits of installing a PFC unit are:

  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Increased system capacity
  • Improve voltage
  • Reduced losses

Tier 2 Eco Design Transformers

Latest super low loss technology

Tier 2 Eco Design Transformers avoid energy wastage through transformer losses helping businesses reduce their operating costs as well as lowering emissions. There are two types of load losses when running distribution transformers:

  • Load losses that vary depending on transformer loading
  • No-Load losses that occur within the transformer core

From the moment a transformer is energised, core losses are continually present. Utilising amorphous metals within the core, the latest Tier 2 Eco Design Transformers create a super low loss transformer with significantly reduced losses.

If you are thinking about upgrading your transformer then please contact us for more information.

All of our O&M services comply with the ‘Electricity at Work Act 1989’ and are carried out by qualified engineers.