Transformer oil samples & visual inspections

During your four-year O&M contract, PDS will take effective ownership of your HV and/or LV equipment on site. During this period you can be assured that your site’s most important asset is being cared for and managed properly. We pride ourselves on offering both a proactive and, should you ever need it, reactive service.

Full maintenance servicing

During your four-year contract and in line with Health & Safety Guidance 230, we will carry out full maintenance on your HV/LV equipment. The equipment will need to be de-energised for these essential works to take place. We understand the impact that this may have on your business and PDS will work closely with you in order to arrange this, if possible taking advantage of any existing shutdowns you may have.

All of our O&M services comply with the ‘Electricity at Work Act 1989’ and are carried out by qualified engineers.

Other Services

We’ve got it covered…

I addition to our main services, we also have the technical expertise to offer the following: